Tesla Liquid Engineering - provides advanced technologies based on biological and non biological systems.

Tesla provides high value process design, system integration and advanced engineered systems for Wastewater – Municipal and Industrial, Gas Absorption, Chemical Reactions and Consultancy.

Tesla concentrates on 4 core areas: Wastewater – Gas Absorption – Chemical Reaction – Consultancy and Technology provision.

TesFLO – WaterSystems

Pre-treatment (Flotation and Separation) and Biological – IDEA SBR – MBR – MBBR - Potable Water.


IDEA UniFED SBR for Municipal and Industrial 
Wastewater treatment and re-use. UniFED IDEA 
provides the most advanced SBR technology for 
new plants and retrofitting existing plants. 
Capacities from 50 M3/day package plants to 
over 100 MLD.

TesFLO MBR – Membrane Bioreactor

Tesla MBR for Municipal and Industrial wastewater 
treatment and reuse. Tesla MBR provides the most 
advanced Hollow Sheet Membrane design incorporating 
Alfa Laval modules to provide advantages of both Hollow 
Fiber and Flat sheet membranes.

TesFLO BUSP Micro Nano Bubble Systems

    BUSP MB Systems for all gas liquid contact applications 
    – providing most efficient mass transfer: Separation, 
    Flotation, Absorption, chemical oxidation – any application 
    requiring large surface area. Can be retrofitted to existing 

    TesFLO AquaSentry Drinking Water Systems

    World’s best water purification technology supplying safe 
    potable water, affordable and sustainable without the need 
    for power or chemicals. Available for humanitarian and 
    commercial requirements.

    TesOX – OxidationSystems

    Wet Air, Catalytic Wet Air and Photocatalytic Oxidation for Pre-treatment to Biological - Stand alone and Polishing Chemical Oxidation applications.

    TesCHEM – Chemical Reaction Engineering

    Chemical Engineering – Process Development.

    TesCAP – Gas Absorption and Carbon Capture

    Gas Absorption and Stripping

    TesOX, TesCAP and TesCHEM - DGC – Mass Contact Systems

    The  DGC (Downflow Gas Contactor) reactor is one of the most efficient 
    mass transfer devices for  contacting liquids and gases. Applications for 
    DGC – Effluent Treatment – Gas Absorption – Chemical Reaction.

    TesOX - Ozone Applications

    Ozone Systems for Cold Storage, HVAC IAQ improvement 
    and energy savings, Aquaculture, Odor control. Please 
    contact for further details.

    TesGEN - Anaerobic Power Augmentation Systems

    TesGEN - Biogas Augmentation

    TesCAP for Removal of CO2 and H2S from Methane Gas 
    – TPAD for Pre-treatment of sludge to increase Power 

    Tesla Technical Services

    Consultancy and Pilot Plant

    Tesla Technical Services - Consultancy and Pilot Treatability.

    Tesla Consultancy Services provides expertise in consultancy for wastewater 
    treatment plants, contract research and development for chemical engineering, 
    pilot plant studies, scale up and technology provision.